Geovital is a solution to the ever increasing Radiation found in all of our homes, due to the boom in modern technology products we all use and have become accustomed to.

Geovital started life as a natural health clinic and Radiation shielding was incorporated as a treatment due to inconsistent patient treatment results. Geovital discovered that treating patients who lived in highly contaminated homes was producing poor treatment results.

Geovital provides a planned solution which always begins with a Radiation assessment of your home, Your Geovital geobiologist will be taking metered radiation readings around your home, and looking for radiation emitting technology and sharing advice and tips on how to reduce these levels. Your geobiologist will advise a total shielding verified solution, and provide a documented radiation assessment map of your home which will be retained by the client.

We also offer a house buyers Radiation Pre-inspection report, to help you to invest in a healthier home and avoid buying a sick home.


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