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Protective Paint which is an electrically conductive primer for shielding against and grounding/discharging HF and LF electromagnetic radiations.

Gives protection up to 50dB (2 coats) against HF electromagnetic radiation.

T98 shielding paint effectively functions as a mirror and bounces the RF radiation back. In our latest formula 15% of the RF is absorbed and so what is bounced back is less. The normal approach is to essentially create a box which provides protection from all sides and creates a much lower RF exposure inside.

The most common problem found in bedrooms are the Electric fields, as the relentless exposure couples onto the sleeper and exposes them to an unnatural 50 or 60Hz frequency all night long. When T98 is between the source and the person, it provides an effective barrier to reduce the exposure to electric fields. NOTE: If the paint is applied to the other side of the surface and the wiring is ‘inside’ the shielded area with you, then you would not receive this added benefit. eg painting the ceiling of the downstairs room to shield the upstairs bedroom against RF from below. The wiring of the ceiling lighting would then not be behind the paint when standing in the upstairs bedroom.

The paint has a purely acrylic base. It is breathable, solvent-free and has extremely low emissions. It can easily be applied on dry, clean, grease-free solid surfaces with a rough surface roller.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • The surface area must be solid, clean, grease-free and dry.
  • Apply two coats with a high quality paint (rough surface) roller. Maintain a clearance of 2cm from electrical equipment.
  • Ideally tape these areas off before you start.
  • T98 can be painted over with coloured paint after 24 hours. We recommend investigating healthier top coat options.
  • For safety reasons, all surfaces must be grounded on the ground wire of the electrical system or by contact on a stripped section of central heating pipe (EU regulation) by a qualified electrician. We strongly recommend Geovital’s accessory ‘grounding tape’ for this purpose.


Five litres of shielding paint covers an area of about 40 m² (430 ft²) if one coat is applied. However, as the exposure to radiation from mobile phone towers and directional transmitters increases every year, two coats will ensure adequate protection! Experience shows that 10 litres of shielding paint will suffice for average-sized bedrooms (17 to 18 m² / 183 to 193 ft²) when two coats are applied.

The actual coverage depends on the absorption of the surface beneath. For surfaces with high absorption, we recommend that the walls be prepared to address the high absorption. This will reduce the amount of T98 shielding paint required and avoid unnecessary expense.

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